VAM Email Alert: March 2019

MARCH 2019


DoD Seeking the Help of Myeloma Patients for FY19 – Become a Consumer Reviewer!

We are yet again seeking volunteers to help us advance myeloma research! The Advocacy Team lobbied Congress to include blood cancers as a topic area in the DoD’s FY19 Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP). Because of these efforts, myeloma researchers are now able to apply for research funding grants through the program, but we need your help! With this inclusion, the IMF has a unique opportunity to nominate several myeloma patients or caregivers to apply for the roles of consumer reviewer for the program.

Consumer reviewers in this program act as the voice of all myeloma patients and help select what research proposals end up with funding. Your role as a consumer reviewer would require some travel mid-November 2019, as well as online preparation 4-5 weeks prior to meeting in the D.C. metro area. All expenses and a small stipend would be paid by the DoD. This is an exceptional opportunity to get involved but the deadline to apply is quickly approaching.

In FY18 we were fortunate to have two of our nominees selected for the panel and we hope to continue to assist this program and further the great research being conducted.

If interested in learning more about this program or applying, please email [email protected]. Final applications must be completed before April 10th, 2019.

IMF/VAM Provide Comments to VA on Proposed Veterans Community Care Program

On March 25th, 2019 the IMF and VAM submitted comments on the proposed Veterans Community Care Program (VCCP) slated to replace the Veterans Choice Program by June 2019. This proposal would fulfill the requirements of the MISSION Act passed last summer by expanding parts of Choice while also making the program a permanent part of the VA’s benefit system.

VCCP will expand the access standards from the Choice program based on average wait time and drive time. A veteran would be eligible to participate in VCCP if their drive time is over 30 minutes or wait time is over 20 days for primary care, and 60 minutes and 28 days for specialty care. Participation in VCCP allows a veteran to receive care from a private doctor outside of the VA health system at the same cost to the veteran as if they were in the VA system.

The comments provided by the IMF expressed concern with the issues of cost, neglect for the VA health system as a whole and standard of care, while recognizing that VCCP could be a useful tool for veterans with myeloma or in rural areas.


Attention Myeloma Researchers! – Funding Opportunity

The Department of Defense’s Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program has released the Fiscal Year 2019 (FY19) funding opportunities for their Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program. Myeloma researchers are eligible for this funding due to IMF’s advocacy on Capitol Hill to ensure blood cancers would remain as a topic area under the program for FY 2019. To read more about this opportunity visit

Please note that submission is a two-step process and will require both pre-application submission and full application submission. We welcome you to reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions.

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